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College Humor

Have you experience college humor during your college life? I’m sure you are.

We can always count college humor in our college life. There we laugh, share some jokes, sharing secrets and talking private things. It always happens during break time and even inside the rooms, if the teacher is late for the next subject that’s the time that clown guys start to freak out, or outside of the campus together with friends and classmates. Laughing and talking, that’s a college students way to forget the difficult test that there teacher will give in there class hour, to ease the boredom they feel and to forget those problems that usually every student will encounter. College students always shares jokes and ideas to make them self enjoy while there waiting for there next subject. Because we always heard that, laughter is the best medicines.

College Life

College life, is it fun or stressful?

When were still in high school we are really excited to went in college. We always talk with our friends of what career we will get after our high school graduation and were school should we enroll. High school student feel so excited, because they already feel boredom in high school. Because they believe that if you’re already in college it means that you’re already a lady and not just a teenage girl.

As what they said, life starts at college. Because when you’re in college already you will feel the freedom to do all you want to do, of course you’re a college already right? The disco bar and happenings together with friends are always there. But don’t we think that because we are now in college maybe it is also the time to get more serious in studying? Because college is more important to start your future. College has its all temptations that will ruin your education. If you keep on joining to your friend’s gigs, you get fail grades. And that is not good for your record. You might drop and start again for next semester. If that will happen, well, it’s a waste of time and money. So, students now should put in there mind that college life is a serious life. They can still enjoy there self but it should always put in there mind that education is always the first priority.


Have you ever thought why a child needs to go to school from grade school to college? And what is the important of education?

Some said attending to school everyday is just a waste of time and money. That no one has been rich after they graduate in college. These sayings are just for those people who don’t understand the important of education to all. Especially for the children who are now still starting to build there own future, which are still starting to grow up and to be expose to the world. But, what if they don’t have the right education? What will happen to there future?

Education is the process of learning knowledge, information and skills during the course of life. It is a broad concept, referring to all the experiences in which students can learn something.

Children can use the education they have when they grow up. Its there investment for there self to start new life without asking any help from there parents anymore. If they have the right education, anytime and anywhere they can look and apply for a job that suits to the education they have finish. They can also use the education they have by helping others people who needs help.

Many children wants to go to school, but the only one stop them is the poverty they have. There parents cannot support the education that they should have. That is why some children are just satisfied to what they have now which is not right. Everyone have the right to have a good education. So don’t let your child be one of those no read, no write people.