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Most Popular Promotional Items for College Student

Most college students enjoy wearing and using promotional items and such promotional items can also help your business. College students are habitual in their studying and playing and when school reopens in the fall, they enjoy wearing or using things that look good, are eye-catching and trendy. Most importantly, if you are a company and want to make an impression on college students, there are several promotional products that will not only impress students but will also promote and generate additional traffic for your company.

T-Shirt and Tank Tops

Two promotional items that have been working well for years are T-Shirts and Tank Tops. These products are classic and extremely popular among college students. T-Shirts and tank tops help lengthen a student’s wardrobe because this kind of clothing can be worn on various occasions. College students love to wear the t-shirts and tank tops to class and also for after hour school activities. T-shirts also offer large imprint areas on the front and back, and gives your business ample space to show off your name, logo and contact information.

Aluminum Water Bottles, Pens and Drawstring Backpacks

Another great promotional item for college students are aluminum water bottles. Aluminum water bottles have been popular for a long time —especially in the last couple of years due to many wanting to reduce the waste of paper and plastic. These bottles are carried by students all over the campus and because they are sturdy and can be used time after time. Any by giving these bottles to students—bottles that have your business’ name, phone number and address on them, you will be advertising your product every time the student uses it. And, the student will love it for its versatility and usefulness. Drawstring backpacks are also another popular promotional product for college students. Most students like a different alternative to backpacks—especially when going to the gym or other activities. Drawstring backpacks are particularly helpful for college students because they can take them everywhere, are lighter to carry and with the name of your business in clear and bold letters; this promotional tool can be quite effective. Promotional pens are another everyday item that often get passed around.