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A College Guide to Bra Styles

We may think we know or have seen all of the bra styles out there, but really we have no idea. There is a cornucopia of styles for our fitting and shopping pleasure, and they range from basics like sports bras to intricate, dramatic numbers like bustiers.

The Practical Choices

Some bra styles are just built for more practicality. This is the case with the backless bra. Designed to be worn with eveningwear, it usually has clear straps or a very low back. Another logic-driven style is the strapless bra, which only lacks the shoulder straps and is also designed to wear with eveningwear as well as sleeveless tops and dresses. A convertible bra offers the best of several worlds. It has removable straps, so it can be worn as a regular bra, or as a strapless, or the straps can even be cross to wear with a halter top.

The Indulgent Choices

Lucky for us, bra technology has become pretty advance, and we can rely on our underwear to give us what nature didn’t. Air filled and gel filled bras are designed to increase cleave and give lift. Where padding can create bumps and show seams in the cups, these kinds do not. The demi bra is also good for cleavage, with low cut dresses or tops. Another picker-upper is the balconette, which is a more revealing version of the demi bra. It creates a dramatic lift and cleavage, and is usually better for smaller bust sizes.

There is a plethora of other bra styles available to us women. Triangle bras, shelf bras, soft cup, underwire, minimizer bra, the choices go on and on. Of course we don’t need to have them all, but at least we can have one for every outfit and occasion.

Color Blocking with Leggings

What is Color Blocking fashion? Well for one thing, it’s a fashion that has caught on and is spreading like wildfire. Technically, it is areas or blocks of 2 colors or more directly side by side on a garment or utilized in an ensemble that compliment or even contrast each other.

What works?

The shorter list would be: what doesn’t? According to the latest fashion advisers solid colors that work well when color blocking either on leggings or with leggings are as follows:

  • Colors that are complimentary and
  • Colors that contrast
  • Muted colors
  • Bright colors
  • Monotone colors

Items that can be utilized as color blocks or printed in color block are:

  • Leggings (of course)
  • Accessories- handbags; shoes; fun jewelry; hats
  • Clothing- a dress; tunic top; skirt; shorts; etc.

The Ins and Outs of Color Blocking With or Without


Color blocking is fun and imaginative. But there are a few things to be wary of when considering this fashion trend. Since multi colors and frequently bright colors are used, it’s easy to go astray or overboard. When using bright colors it is essential that you combine them with blocks of black, grey, brown or white. It will give your color blocking a more polished and standout look. Other tips consist of the following:
Keep articles of clothing containing blocked design to one piece. Example- If it is your leggings, wear solid colored skirt and another colored top.
Pick your piece for color blocking and keep the rest simple.
Keep your color choices to 4 or even down to 3.
Shyness be damned-you would be amazed at how many different color combinations you can pull off with this fashion.

Every color change will cut the shape of your body, don’t get carried away; try using more slimming colors or colors that go well with your complexion. The whole point is not so much to look like a walking Rubik’s Cube; but modern, stylish and fashion savvy.