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Don’t Get Caught Smoking on Campus

One of the problems with being a cigarette smoker these days, especially if you’re going to college is that smoking is banned almost everywhere on campus.
Smoking is especially harder to enjoy in public places like parks, to places that where smoking used to be acceptable like bars. One of the easiest ways for any smoker to get their nicotine fix and not break laws or rules in this day and age is to start using e-cigarettes.

What Are E-Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette is a device that looks just like a real cigarette but it doesn’t contain any of the deadly chemicals or attributes that normal cigarettes do. Since the main chemical in cigarettes that smokers crave is nicotine, these devices emit a small dose of nicotine in a water vapor when the smoker inhales. This give the smoker their nicotine fixes without them releasing second hand smoke into the air and possibly upset anyone who may be nearby.

Are E-Cigarettes Expensive?

E-Cigs do cost $50 to $100 to get started with a pack of five cigarettes but compared to the cost of buying one pack of cigarettes per month the initial expense to get started with e-cigs is worth it. Once the cartridge of your e-cig becomes empty, you can replace it by purchasing cartridges at a smoke shop near you or online through most major stores. You can save even more by searching for promo codes online, such as this green smoke promo code.

Can They Help You Stop Smoking?

The answer to this question is yes and no. You can stop smoking when you use e-cigarettes if you use them gradually to wean yourself off smoking. Many smokers make the mistake of using e-cigs as a replacement of their cigarettes and never get off the act of smoking because; they continue to refill their e-cigarettes.

To stop smoking with e-cigarettes, you should follow a program that is designed to help you stop smoking and only use e-cigs when the need or urge comes to light up.

Don’t Let A Car Accident Slide, Call Your Lawyer

Other than you, who’s the first person that should know about your being involved in an automobile accident? The police? An ambulance? The fire department? Your mom? Don’t forget about your car insurance company. Your mechanic is going to need a phone call. Wait a minute—I fell I’m forgetting someone…

Call Your Lawyer

No matter how well you may think you are insured, chances are you may end up needing an auto crash lawyer. Whether or not the accident is your fault you may still need a lawyer. If the other person is uninsured; if there are damages to not only the vehicles but bodily harm or death; if your insurance company doesn’t want to pay; if the other guy’s insurance company doesn’t want to pay… You are going to need an automobile accident lawyer and/or specialist. It would be nice if everyone could exchange phone numbers, insurance policies, names and addresses and go on their merry way and everything would be settled to everyone’s satisfaction. Everyone lives happily ever after. Guess what? Never going to happen.

Oh it’s Just a Little Fender Bender

No matter what is said at the smallest of automobile accidents don’t ever let those words deter you from notifying your lawyer of what just happened. People develop all sorts of mysterious ailments after saying those exact words, even though you’ve only tapped their rear bumper. Call your lawyer immediately and ask their advice on what you should do. They will want certain information, possible witnesses, maybe even pictures (good thing technology has most everyone today walking around with a smart phone that is capable of taking pictures and/or movies).

Don’t let it slide, whatever you do, contact your Fort Worth car accident lawyer. These are the kinds of things that, when dealt with incorrectly, can come back at a later time to bite us square in the… Wallet.

Unwind After Class With A Little Online Blackjack

Everyone knows how stressful college coursework can be. Add in a full load of friends and social activities and you have stresses of the mental, physical, and emotional completely covered. By this time of the year, its clear to even a freshman that in order to stay sane, you’ll need some kind of outlet. Something that allows you to relax and unwind without demanding anything in return. You can’t get it from social interactions and chances are, you’re tired of activities you do for school, like reading. In that case, why not turn to something completely different?

,h2>Try Online Blackjack,/h2>

Online blackjack games offer you an easily accessible source of undemanding fun when you need it. You simply have to head to the nearest computer and find a game. The level of skill or money involved is up to you. If you’re into the game for the sheer thrill of play then you can easily find free games that offer that thrill. If you’re excited by the opportunity to pit our skills against the dealer’s and win, then you can learn to hone your game as you play. There are plenty of resources that will help you find the game you want and then teach you to play it successfully.

Playing For Pay

Of course, one of the biggest benefits to unwinding with online blackjack is the money that you can earn once you know how to bet against the house—and how to win. Because of the way that bets are set up online, you can actually win more money at these casinos than you can in brick and mortar gambling venues. You just need to have a working knowledge of game strategy coupled with a similar knowledge of online casinos. Put the two together and your relaxation time could be funding a bit of off campus fun and excitement.

The Best Internet Service For Flicks

We no longer have to get up out of our chairs and pay $60.00 for a little cup of popcorn (oh you wanted butter? That’ll be $10.00 extra); we can watch movies in the comfort of our living room or even at our desk on our laptop. Who offers the best service through which you can watch these movies?

Streaming Media Services

As one might expect, Netflix comes in at number one in this category. They have an astounding selection, a base price of approximately $7.99 a month, they have support for connected devices, and yes, Mac or PC access is required. Tight on their heels however is Amazon Video On Demand with a solid selection including Showtime and HBO movies. Season passes are available but movies cost right around $3.99 for rental and TV episodes run approximately $1.99. It supports connected devices but is limited for mobile devices. Mac or PC access is required. Hulu Plus is a strong third and is what the owners of Hulu try to talk basic free Hulu users into when they become disillusioned with the limitations of the basic free Hulu service.

Pay Per View, Movie Hosting, Broadband Streams

You may not find any new releases here but You Tube is the number one place to go for TV shows and movies for absolutely positively 100% free. As mentioned earlier Hulu (though it may be limited) does still offer free broadband deals on movies and TV series. What they also offer is occasionally better quality than sometimes found on You Tube. offers very little in the way of broadband. Upstream has broadband pay per view, live content and TV streams as their main focus and is community driven.

Movie theaters may soon suffer the same fate that vinyl has suffered through the ability to download instead of purchase. But it certainly is a far cry better than the cost and inconvenience of schlepping down to the theater.

How To Get Your College Boyfriend Back

College can reap havoc on a relationship. If you’re going to separate schools, the separation can cause, repairable damage; but it can bring you closer together as well. Even if you’re going to the same school, your schedule and your party and can get in the way of what used to seem like a good thing. So what happens when that college boyfriend of yours is no longer your boyfriend? If you truly had something special, how do you get him back?

Are You Both Having Regrets?

If you two called things off you might be able to get him back: if he was really caught off guard he’s probably feeling horrible—lonely, sad, confused. And maybe you feel the same! First off, don’t appear desperate. Nothing is less attractive than desperation. Give both of you a little time apart so that you can both get some healing time in emotionally. Get your priorities straightened out before you jump back in. If emotional instability was part of the cause of your break up, get the help that you may need. Fix yourself before you attempt to fix your relationship.

5 Easy Steps

Get him out of your mind before you get him back into your heart. Pack all his stuff away and out of sight. Erase all traces of him. Get rid of his e-mail, his phone number, his address and any other way through which you use to get in touch with him. Eliminate all negativity from your life and surround yourself with family and friends who are supportive and loving. Enjoy yourself! Savor the freedom while you can. You may like it. If you feel like calling your ex, have a friend on standby that you can contact and speak with instead.

Finally, when he comes back around—and this is how to get him back—be sure that getting back together is what’s good for both of you. And don’t take any guff, but don’t hand it out either.