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NFL Betting With the Boys on Campus

Betting on NFL games with the boys on campus can be similar to taking candy from a baby, under the right circumstances. There are many easy and eager targets ripe for the picking. There are great opportunities to make a quite a profit betting the kids on campus throughout the season. Exploiting their weaknesses and experience along with using statistics can help you dominate this young sports betting market.

Know your Mark

There will be many different types of bettors on campus; be sure to pick your mark wisely. The fringe NFL fans, fantasy-footballers and the homers will the most advantageous groups to bet with on campus. These young bettors will most likely be the easiest and most profitable to bet against usually. Homers bet disillusioned by their loyalty for their favorite teams. Fantasy-footballers are mostly new football fans playing a game based on stats and players without really understanding football schematically. The fringe fans will typically always go mainstream or follow the crowd to avoid any real analysis.

Bet the Stats

Betting the boys on campus means you typically have resources available. Make the most out of the situation and get all the data on NFL picks you need leading up to your bets. Statistics, such as CBS picks, should always support your betting decisions so you can better comprehend the probabilities and variable in play for the event. Being practical and efficient with the analysis leading up the games will favor you in the bets against the campus crowd.

The bets against college kids should be relatively easy wins to collect with a small amount of preparation and thought. Profile the students you decide to bet against and use the resources available together the data needed to support your hunches before acting.

6 Golden Rules to Save Money For Broke College Students

What every college student, whether back in the day or at present, can vouch for is the constant money constraints he or she has faced. To some, it may even seem like there is a hole in their pockets, with money being spent so fast that by the time they have to make a considerable and significant expense, they are either writing back home to get some extra amount or borrowing money from friends.

As an experienced college graduate, who knows these situations like the back of his hand, I taught myself quite early on in my college days how I need to curb my expenses and save money.

1. Start working part time: While it may not be easy for full time college students to start working part time somewhere, there are a number of opportunities they can utilize while sitting at home. Freelancing opportunities are available generously over the internet and allow individuals to play to their strengths. For instance, if you are a tech geek, you can find numerous software and website designing opportunities.

2. Get serious about saving money: A good way of doing that is to open an account where you put in a specific amount regularly. For instance, you can decide to spare $50 every time you receive your college allowances or the pay from your part time job.

3. Cut back on generosity: When you are broke yourself, do not try to act too generous. This means you are not paying for your friend’s cinema ticket, in your attempts to act selfless. Sometimes, it is essential to be a bit of a miser with your spending habits.

4. Partying needs to rest: Yes, it is fun when you ‘party like a rockstar’, as goes the popular song. However, in reality, all that partying may mean that you are acting needlessly irresponsible and frugal with your expenses, especially when these expenses can be avoided.

5. Resist the urge to order food in: It may be the most convenient method of filling your appetite, but it is also the easiest way to blow your money. There is no harm in learning a few basic dishes that you can easily make for yourself every day.

6. Why buy new books: No need to invest in new books, which you may not even need after the current semester. Instead, try finding out at the college book bank, the library or in your friends’ circle if you can find the books you need.

Jill writes from experience as she managed to survive the rough broke college kid days. She now writes about a variety of financial topics for pay day loans, a UK company that helps people get money when they need it.