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Don’t Just Get a Degree, Learn a Trade

Earning a degree is becoming more commonplace in our advancing did not technological society. Competition is increasing because of this recession and having a college degree is no longer enough to make it. Today, you have to have a plan.

Have a Plan for Trade

Having a plan and some direction is the best way to be successful in the future. It’s better to have a trade than a degree. It is better to have a skill; to be the master of something makes you more valuable in society. There is more opportunities if you have a trade opposed to a degree these days. Have a specialized trade that can make you a higher salary and high commissions.

Find what Works Best

Getting a degree means that students will be looking for a job after school; if you choose a trade than you can jump into a position immediately after school. Many women choose beauty colleges as a fast track to landing a lucrative job at a high-end salon.

Choosing a trade over a degree may be the quickest and most effective way into the workforce for hardworking individuals. Be sure to look into the best trade that applies to your skillset and research the best school for that trade as well.

Dealing With a Student DWI

Are you a student who was recently charged for driving while intoxicated? This is a serious offense and it can be even more serious if you are a student. Here are some things to consider.

Age of The Individual Who Received the DWI

One of the biggest issues for most students who receive DWIs is age. In many instances they are underage. This can result in serious criminal action. If this is your situation, it will be important that you seek the help of attorney to reduce you sentence or to help you with the process. Fighting your charges will be more difficult. It is more serious when you are underage.

Fees For DWIs

Another worry for DWI individuals is the fees. This should be a major concern for students because they have tuition and other school related expenses to pay for. Unlike ordinary DWI individuals, students usually have a lower income. Therefore, it will be important to minimize the charges so that the student can pay them off quickly. A good attorney can help the student accomplish this.

Lastly, talk to a DWI lawyer about your record and how a DWI will affect it. Students are young. You do not want a DWI to affect your future.

Dressing Up for Campus Parties

Going to campus parties is one of the most fun parts about attending college as a young person. There are all types of campus parties and appropriate attire for each of them. One of the classic occasions around the country is Halloween parties. Dressing up for these parties on campus is always fun.

Funny Halloween Costumes

Halloween parties on campus are always extremely interesting. The costumes are often creative, funny and trendy. Students dress up as popular entertainment or political figures, controversial ideals, jokes or contemporary social satire.

Other Halloween Costumes

Aside from the funny costumes at Halloween parties, there are also many sexy Halloween costumes as well. These are very popular each year. There are classic costumes like a nurse or schoolteacher and other trendy outfits that will be popular for the season.

Picking a funny or sexy Halloween costume is a great idea for any Halloween costume party on campus. These parties are a lot of fun and are a great way to make new friends. Every campus party has a dress code so dressing up is often way to gain access or be accepted into the bash. Dressing up is important for every campus party ranging from Halloween parties to formal events.

Making the Most of Your University Webspace

One of the benefits of going to college in this day and age is that most major universities across the country now offer students free web space. With this online resource students can upload and share their files, create web pages and so much more. Here’s one great thing that any student can do with their university webspace.

Make Money

Every student can use extra money right? To make money with their web space a student should first start an online business based around something that they know. Some of the most popular businesses that students start are SEO Service businesses, online auction websites, content writing services, daily reminder services and more.

How the Business Can Be Different

Once they have the concept for their business ready a student should next research online and find out what demand there is for that business and then come up with five ideas on how their business will be different than the competition.

It doesn’t matter if a student is starting an online business in a very competitive marketplace, as long as they seek to offer better service and or better support, they will stand out from their competition and succeed. If a student knows what the “hidden benefit” is that they can offer to their marketplace they will be able to build a thriving business during their college years and beyond.

Cut Loose After Class at the Book of Mormon

College can be stressful, any student knows this, many students who are overworked get poor grades and ultimately drop out after a few semesters when the solution to the problem is for the average student to get more rest and relaxation.
One of the best ways for a student to get more rest and re-charge their “mental batteries” is by seeing new musicals like American Idiot and the Book of Mormon Broadway musical.

What’s The Show Like?

The Book of Mormon is a funny story written by the creators of South Park: Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It’s about two young Mormon missionaries who are sent to Uganda on their first mission trip. Their lives are thrown upside down as they encounter warlords, robbers and locals who burst out in song at a moment’s notice.

Does It Bash Mormonism?

Before the show’s first date on Broadway, The Book of Mormon was instantly blasted by critics who claimed that it would offend Mormons. After those same critics saw the show they fell in love with The Book of Mormon thanks to Trey Parker and Matt Stones clever writing style that pokes fun at the Mormon religion but at the same time makes people respect it.

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