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Don’t Get Trapped With An Old Car In College

Many, many college students drive cars that look like they’re falling down and about to come apart. In a way that’s expected, because college students don’t have much money. Still, just because you’re not rich doesn’t mean you have to drive old cars that are complete junkers.

Getting a Better Car

You don’t have to be stuck with a junk car the entire time you’re in college. Take a look around and consider trading up. Just be sure to do it carefully, because college students don’t usually have a lot to spend, but many people like to offer them credit. Just because it’s offered, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.

What to do With That Old Car

If you do get something better, that could leave you with one or more junk cars that you’ll need to get rid of. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of places that take old cars and dispose of them. Some of them even pay for scrap metal, so be sure to check around and get the best deal.

Overall, there’s nothing wrong with driving an older car. You don’t have to make payments, and your license tags and insurance are often less. Still, older cars can break down, and often don’t look or drive as nicely as newer options.

Game ‘Money’ Vs. Real Money

Have you ever played on one of those computer casino games? Most of them offer the chance to play for free with play ‘game money’. I myself enjoy casino games online, for play money. It’s incredible what a big winner I am! One has to wonder; if you switch to using real money will you still maintain that big winner status?

Gambling Can Be Fun And Profitable

Gambling online may not offer the atmosphere of a real casino, even though they do attempt to do it with background noises, flashing lights and bells and whistles; but you can at least play in the privacy of your own home wearing pajamas or your particular lazy clothing choice of the day. Good luck getting that cocktail waitress to bring you a drink though.

There’s Money And Then There’s Money

Artificial money, or credits, is what you get when you play online casino games for fun. You can buy credits to play with for real; and frequently you will receive a bonus for doing so. It would be an interesting experiment, I think; playing for three months for fun—then joining one of these online casinos with real money and see how your winnings compare.

These online casinos all depend on credit card processing companies with which to move their and your money (something that is undeniably necessary for any online business) so you’ll need a credit card.

Never Strike Out at the Party Again

Just in case you’re wondering, yes there are lists upon lists of the greatest pickup lines of all time. Of course you being an expert PUA and all you’ve probably used most of them.

Just In Case There’s A Few You Haven’t Heard…

If your folks had never gotten together I would be insanely unhappy at this moment; It seems I’ve misplaced my phone number– do you think I could have yours?; Excuse me maybe you can help me—this is my first time in this area and I was wondering if you could give me directions…to your house; Can you believe some of these guys with their lame pickup lines? Which one works for you? or… I was going to buy you a rose but I didn’t want it to feel inferior to your beauty.

Then There Are Specific Lines For Specific Circumstances

If you want to show her you’ve got a corny sort of sense of humor: I was wondering if it hurt much when you fell from the heavens. Want to be suave? Tell her: don’t be surprised if they ask you to leave… When she asks why tell her—well, you tend to make all the other ladies in the room look bad. Deep? Your eyes are capable of boring clear through to a man’s soul.

Then again you could just walk up to her introduce yourself and ask her if she would like a drink.

Nip College Acne in the Bud

If you didn’t have an acne problem before college there could be several reasons why, now that you’re in college, you’re suddenly experiencing breakouts.

Fast Food Again Tonight? Really?

One of the answers to the question of how to get rid of acne at home (and how to get rid of acne scars) is to knock off the fast food binges. Make a meal for god sake! Stress is another biggy when it comes to acne and college. College exams stress out every college student ever born. It’s a wonder that every college student in the world doesn’t have a severe case of acne. Future lawyers and doctors going through school should be one big walking zit if all it took was stress to encourage acne breakouts.

Beer Pong Anyone?

Chug—chug—chug… A chant that was frequently heard (and obeyed) when I was in college. These days its beer pong. Unfortunately, excessive alcohol intake is yet another aggravating factor when it comes to acne (and studies as well). Take it easy on the booze kids; there’s plenty of time to become a lush once you’re out of school. And the caffeine that you’re drinking to stay awake during those long study hours… also bad for acne. Sorry.

I’m just a regular little harbinger of bad news, huh?

3 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Rate

We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. There are untold numbers of ways to lower your car insurance premiums. Let’s take a look at a few of the easiest ways out there.

Steer Clear Of The Law

Moving violations are a sure way to spike car insurance costs. Keep a clean driving record and you can enjoy the benefits; one of which is lower car insurance premiums. Being a good driver combined with being a good student equals an even better discount. Students with good grades can receive special student discounts. Don’t forget, starting and stopping at breakneck speeds are murder on gas efficiency as well. And we all know the price of gas these days.

Speaking Of Gas Prices

The more you drive the more gas you use; but did you know that the more you drive the higher your insurance probably is? Driving less can equal lower insurance premiums. Driving an old beater may cost less to insure, but if you’re buying a newer car anyways, concentrate on safety features. Cars with more safety features equal lower insurance payments.
We are of course all looking for cheap car insurance quotes. You can do your part to lower your premiums and help that quote be the lowest possible.

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