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Never Give Up on the Tickets You Dream Of

If you have some time to kill either before or after the concert, particularly if you’ve chosen to actually stay at the Mohegan Sun, winning $3,863,188+ could definitely help you realize your dream ticket for primo Mohegan Sun Arena Seating at this or possibly even a future concert. Where did I pull that number (amount) out of? No…not there! That’s how much the home site reports that people playing at the Mohegan Sun casino have won so far today. Of course they make no mention of how much people have spent trying to win that amount but, hey—that’s why they call it gambling.

“Where Do You Want To Sit?”

“Oh wherever you want…I don’t care…you pick.” The obligatory exchange on a couple’s first visit to a movie theater. (And then when you pick that coveted center first row you get “Oh God! This is way too close. I’ll break my neck!” No, really, allow me to do that for you.) Well, purchasing your tickets ahead of time takes care of that dilemma—at least at the entertainment venue itself. The ordering of those tickets may still cause the obligatory exchange but by checking out the seating charts on the web, you will know where you’ll be sitting before you even get there.

Be Careful Where You Buy

For this last summer Olympics that most of us enjoyed, buying a ticket to see your favorite athlete or event was riskier that the high dive! There was something like 500 fraudulent sites for ticket purchasing/sales. Lots of arrests were made, thank goodness, but you know that in order for authorities to find these guys somebody had to get scammed. So whichever seats you long for at the next event, just try to check out where or who you are buying the tickets from.

FYI: as much as I love them, ‘sell-it-yourself’ sites like eBay, Amazon and Craig’s List are ‘questionable’ sources from which to buy tickets.

Can’t Miss Concerts of 2012

In the music and entertainment industry, there are concerts, and then there are Madison Square Garden concerts. Historically, the biggest acts have salivated over the chance to play the Garden, and some of them have been willing to wait for years to get in. This year, the concert season is rolling along nicely, with MSG’s docket of performers being as impressive as one might expect.

The Skyline’s Crown Jewel

While the summer touring season winds down as the leaves turn colors and the kids trudge back off to school, MSG will be providing the music this winter, starting in November. It is a testament to the magnetism of both Manhattan and Madison Square Garden that people will travel “Back East” when the snow is flying in order to not miss out on the biggest shows of the year. Patrons appreciate the stateliness and ambience of the arena as much as they enjoy the top-shelf entertainment.

Feel the Noise

This year has already seen its usual lion’s share of entertainment at Madison Square Garden, including the explosion of “Linsanity” on the New York Knicks (alas, that fire has since been put out). The pop/rock group Nickelback made their first MSG appearance there this year. The Japanese band L’Arc-en-Ciel became a standing-room only event back in March. This year’s schedule will include Madonna, The Who’s Quadrophenia tour, Neil Young (yes, with Crazy Horse), the great Leonard Cohen and the always-popular Justin Bieber.

The popularity of MSG as a venue is even reflected in video games, with Rock Band emulating MSG with a New York arena called “Empire Square Garden”. With the capacity to hold as many as 20,000 fans, Madison Square Garden would seem at first to be something less than cozy. The history of the building, though, along with the renovations that ramp up the experience for the fans.

Celebrating Halloween On Campus

Going to college is a wonderful experience especially if you are getting ready for all of the following parties that are going to be all around you during your college years. If you are part of a fraternity and you are thinking about holding a huge party for Halloween and you need to get started preparing this huge party. The first things you are going to need to determine are how many guests you plan on inviting and what type of party you plan on having.

Preparing For Your Halloween Party On Campus

This is going to be a very exciting time so the first thing you need to do is figure out who is going to be in charge of all the preparations for the party. You also need to think about Halloween costumes ideas because you want everybody to be dressed up. Another thing you will need to think about is what you plan on serving at the party.

Halloween Night

The night of the parties going to be very hectic but you also need to be sure that you are in control of all of the situations that might arise. You might find that your party is going to be a bit wilder than you anticipated, but that is normal because most parties on a college campus are always a good time. You should be sure that you have a designated driver for all of the people that plan on going home. If not then you need to also be able to let people stay the night so that no one gets hurt or ends up getting a DUI.

Each year you are in college Halloween parties are going to occur so be prepared to have a great four years of your college life enjoying all of the cool parties.

Why Become an Accountant?

If you’re debating taking that CPA course and are wondering if you should become an accountant the first reason why you should consider entering this prestigious field is respect; accountants hold the “keys to the kingdom” for every business and without the services of an accountant the business would only go under financially or the business owner could face the prospect of getting audited by the IRS.

Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Everyone has an ideal life that they want to live and when you become an accountant you can accomplish your dreams and so much more because, accountants earn an average of $80,000 to $120,000 per year or more depending on the part of the country that they live in plus if they went to college and earned any degrees.

More Than One Skill Set

Accountants aren’t just in demand before tax time, their services are in demand all year long, the average accountant has a wide range of skills including: internal auditing, business consultation and consulting for management. Business owners rely on their accountants for solid, reliable information beyond just what they are doing to maintain the books.

Job Security

An accountant has real job security (unlike other careers) and they can continue earning a great income, even during a recession. Accountants also have the ability to earn as much as they want every year and have unlimited earning potential that’s not capped by the company they work for or part of the country that they live in.

Always Growing

Unlike other boring careers that always require the same skill set, accountants are always able to enhance their skills and learning thanks to the wide variety of conferences and accounting events that are held each year. As an accountant you will be able to travel to the world and attend these events while growing professionally and learning skills that will enable you to earn more over the course of your career.

Developing Leadership Skills in College

In all walks of life leaders are the people who have a vision and are so passionate about what they believe in that they can get others to follow their direction and be on board with their vision.

As early as childhood leaders are a part of our life, from that kid on the playground who can get everyone involved in what game he wants to play to the corporate boardroom where the emergent leader can lay out a plan and motivate others to follow his proposition.

Natural Leaders

Natural leaders are born to lead and others are nurtured to their fullest potential.  Often times in a business environment someone will recognize the potential of one of the staff to lead others.  They are people who are creative, they are able to articulate their plan and are passionate and determined to achieve a task.  In an effort to encourage their employees to achieve, potential leaders are sometimes offered the opportunity to pursue a Leadership Degree online or at a local college at their company’s expense, in order to develop their leadership skills.

Leadership Qualities

If you are in a position to select a candidate for leadership training their are some qualities that  inherent in leaders that you will want to be aware of when making your selections.  First of all is the person trustworthy, in order to get people to follow they must trust your motives.  Honesty is another desirable trait, being morally ethical is a virtuous characteristic. Leaders are able to assert themselves without being overbearing or bossy and others respect their opinion.  Effective leaders also know how to listen to others ideas.  Recognizing that input from every member of the team will facilitate the effectiveness of the final plan, team members will appreciate having a voice in a decision.  Allowing everyone to participate and know that their ideas are worth listening to will instill trust in the character of the leader.  And last, but also very important to a leaders character is the ability to laugh.  Even when handling a very serious situation a leader must be able to break the tension among others with appropriate humor, a sense of togetherness comes when people are able to laugh and then move forward in a plan of action.

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