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The History of the Pumpkin Pie

If you thought that pumpkin pie was probably invented by the traditional, well accepted depiction of the black and white clothed, buckled shoe wearing, bonneted pilgrims get a load of this

First Pumpkin Seeds Trace Back to Around 6000 BCE

We’re not talking actual pumpkin pie just yet but evidence of the seeds themselves has been traced back to at least 5500 BCE or as much as 7000 BCE. Eventually pumpkin was exported from its origin (Mexico) to France and England. English cookbooks list pumpkin as a pie-filler within recipes around the 17th century. But not until the 19th century did it pop up in American culture as a Thanksgiving specialty. New England followed the pilgrim furnished pumpkin pie recipe whereas England itself decided to utilize a method of cooking sugar, spices and apples in the whole pumpkin.

Hey, This Tastes Great—Let’s Mess With It!

Ever heard this: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’? Well, fortunately, not everyone lives by that mantra. Here are just a few concoctions that have resulted from Americans’ fascination of and taste for pumpkin pie: pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin beer (mmm…beer) and ale, candy, pancakes, cheesecake, coffee and ice cream. Variations of pumpkin pie for non-pie individuals are: pumpkin tarts/custard, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, fritters, muffins, cookies, and for those health conscious people—tofu pumpkin pie. Ugh, it hurts me just to type that! As far as the traditional slice of pumpkin pie goes it can be served with good old fashion whipped cream (or—brand name warning–Cool Whip), vanilla or coffee ice cream, and a light sprinkling of either ground cinnamon or ground ginger on top of either choice.

And pumpkins aren’t strictly for dessert anymore either. Main dishes such as pumpkin lasagna, chicken-pumpkin chowder, pumpkin seed pesto or pumpkin cannelloni and side dishes like pumpkin bread, sage-pumpkin cream sauce, pumpkin butter or curried peas and pumpkin can brighten any holiday table.

Getting Everyone To Participate At Your Halloween Party

Having a Halloween party is always going to be a very exciting experience especially if you plan on having a great deal of Halloween games for both the adults and the children. The first thing you need to do is figure out how big your party’s going to be so that you are able to determine which games are going to be necessary to have a party that everyone is participating in.

Finding The Best Halloween Games

When you go to start looking for Halloween games you should always go online because you are going to find several different websites that will be able to help you and give you advice. If you are unfamiliar with any websites that involve Halloween, then you need to do a keyword search so that you can find the best Halloween websites. The perfect keyword search is going to be momswhothink halloween games. From the listing will be able to find all of the best games to choose from, and you will also be able to plan the party even better. You also might get some ideas about costumes and other things that can be very crucial and having a great party.  Always remember to try new ideas because you might find ideas that will work for your party and make it a huge success. Never be scared to try the ideas because some of them may work better than others.

Participation At The Party

One way to get everyone to participate is to have prizes for all of the people that win all of the different games that you have chosen. It is a great way to motivate everyone to participate in the games.  You also should have special prizes for all of the children that are involved in the games because that is a great motivator for children.

Having games at parties is always going to be a wonderful way for everyone to bond and have fun. It is your job to make sure the games are fun and everyone can participate and have fun.

Quick Breads for Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner)!

Bread is a staple food item for many families.  Those who are savvy in the kitchen often use their skills to bake delicious bread that can be served during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  There are several breads that are good for every meal.  Here are a few favorite breads to try.

Honey Whole Wheat

Honey whole wheat bread is a favorite among bread fans.  When baked, this bread tastes even better.  And it doesn’t lose the majority of its nutritious value.  You can easily bake whole wheat bread using your bread maker.  Or you can do it the old fashioned way.  If you have more time, you can knead the dough and let it rise to perfection.  This bread only requires a few basic ingredients.  You can eat it as toast in the morning for breakfast.  Then you can use it for sandwiches and side during lunch and dinner.  It will please even the toughest critics.


Going into fall, zucchini bread is a great option.  This quick bread has a sweetness to it that is perfect for fall.  During the morning, this bread is as delicious and filling as any muffin.  Plus it is often healthier for you.  Many people enjoy their bread with some fruits in the morning.  It’s a great way to start the day.  And you can always eat more bread when you need a snack or something sweet.  Try it today and enjoy this unique bread.

Banana Bread

Finally, put your overripe bananas to use.  Make bread with them.  Banana bread is a delicious snack that works well for many meals.  It’s also a great way to start the day.  It’s filling and fruity at the same time.  Banana bread is easy to make.  You just need a bread maker and some bananas that you can mash up.  There are several fast banana bread recipes that taste great as well.

When it comes to bread, simple, easy recipes are always the way to go.  Find one today and bake these popular bread items for your family.  Don’t be surprised if you eat them at every meal of the day.

Bread Making So Easy You Can Do It in a Campus Kitchen

It’s probably a good idea to start teaching your child how to cook for themselves when they are around two years away from high school graduation.  Unless you are fortunate to have a child that likes to cook you will meet with some resistance when you suggest they learn how to prepare food.  Most young people envision themselves as eating endless amounts of pizza, fast food burgers and cold cereal while in college.  Parents know that most college diets are not healthy and if you can get your student to cook some healthy things they can maintain somewhat of a balance in their diets.

Preparation for the Journey

In addition to their academic standing you will be giving your college bound student advice on all of life’s pitfalls.  Being away from home, making daily decisions about their lives and maintaining focus on their education, is a lot of stuff for a college freshman or returning student to handle.  How to do their own laundry, how to manage their time effectively, how to avoid dangerous and unsafe situations and in addition you should teach them how to prepare food for themselves when necessary.  Some dorms have a community kitchen for their students use, but most students have only a microwave and the small utensils bought from home.  Be sure your student gets safety clearance before using an electric skillet, toaster, crockpot and microwave for cooking in their dorm room.

What Food Can Actually Be Prepared in a Dorm Room

Just about any food you imagine can be prepared with a little ingenuity in a dorm room.   Arm your child with your favorite how to make banana bread recipe and other favorites from their childhood.  Microwaving bread is different than oven cooking, but not impossible.  A quick internet search will yield many ideas and methods about baking bread in the microwave, some with a video instruction.  Microwave bread recipes eliminate the kneading process and the time for the dough to rise is shortened, this makes the preparation time a lot shorter.  Encourage your college student to experiment with methods and recipes to help avoid the excess calories that result from bad eating habits.

Shopping For Groceries On A College Budget

Going to college is a wonderful time in any young person’s life. However, due to the harsh economy and college tuition prices being so expensive, being able to survive as a college student can be very hard. Therefore, college students are going to have to be very smart when they are spending their money and purchasing groceries is going to become a tricky task.

Discount Grocery Stores

The cool thing about living in a college town is there is always going to be a few stores in your local area that are going to offer a huge discount on items. Being able to get canned goods for under a dollar a piece is always a great deal. Another thing that you can do as a college student is collect coupons when you have free time. If you have never collected coupons, then you are missing out because coupon collecting has become a huge phenomenon.

Collecting Coupons

The best place for you to collect coupons is by going online. You are going to be pleasantly surprised to see how many people are addicted to this task of collecting coupons. However, it is going to become very easy for you to get a huge pile of coupons that you can apply to your groceries. Another thing that you can do is follow all of the blogs for the extreme couponers.  By getting their evites each week you will be able to go to the specific websites that have the discounts you are looking for.  Always be sure when you get an evite, that you look at the coupon immediately otherwise you might forget about it.

Saving as much money as possible when you are in college is going to be the best move you can make because you will be able to get through college successfully.