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Car Insurance on a College Budget

If you are a student in college there are lots of ways to save money, which is going to be great news for you, and may be great news for Mom and Dad as well.  The old ‘dear mom send money’ routine is becoming less and less dependable, with the economy continuously heading in the direction that it has been, in this day and age.

Good News for you College Kids

Some insurance companies still give special considerations to college students who are enrolled in certain sororities and fraternities such as delta, alpha, omega… you get the idea.  It is important however to shop around, for the best insurance company that will suit your needs, because not every  insurance company will offer car insurance rates, at a discount for students.  Depending on your insurance company, if you are an exemplary student you could possibly get a discount of as much as 25%.  Alternately however, some insurance companies offer as little as 10%, or no discount at all.  Do you view yourself as a good student?   Actually what’s important is that the insurance company views you as a good student.  So what exactly is a good student, in the eyes of an insurance company?  If you have a 20% or better ranking in the top of your class; if you are able to achieve a 3.0 grade point average and keep it going throughout the year; and you probably need to be a full-time student in order to qualify for a true college student discount.  A further stipulation may be that you only qualify, if you are less than 24 years of age but over 16.

More Money Saving Ideas for College Students

As stated earlier there are lots of ways to save in college, you simply have to know where to look.

-        For crying out loud if you’re a student that means you have access to a library.  So Einstein, any idea how many CDs, DVDs, and more there are in the library?  Stop renting movies and buying DVDs!

-        Okay you have to get out every now and then, so you want to see a movie.  But at least go during the day (matinees) to save some money.

-       Then again it might not be a bad idea to stay in for the night, maybe study, or just talk with a few friends.

-       Never buy new, when you can use secondhand.

-       Stop buying those crazy “dry clean only” fashions.

Of course, these are only a few suggestions, there are tons more to be found.

Great College Spring Break Destinations That Don’t Break the Bank

Key words will often conjure up instant images.  If someone says Vegas (VEGAS BABY!) – gambling, nightlife, showgirls in skimpy outfits, lights, 24-7 fun and excitement.  When Sturgis is mentioned – motorcycles, the rumble of nearly half a million pipes, in the Black Hills, concerts, women in skimpy leather outfits, a week long biker party.  And when someone mentions Spring Break, it’s beaches, margaritas, night clubs, and women in skimpy bikini’s.  To student’s the location of Spring Break is just as important, as the location of a major bike rally to biker.  There are no major parties, night clubs, excitement, or women in skimpy bikini’s, in downtown Greeley, Colorado, during Spring Break or you quiet, sleepy little town, for that matter.  Why?  Because when you think Spring Break, there has to be fun, excitement and a beach.  So, grab your Megabus Coupons…and let’s go for a ride, for a Spring Break destination!

Outside the U.S.

Spring Break outside the United States has some of the hottest entertainment around.  But the farther you get from U.S. Borders, the more costly the travel (duh).  But for those students who can afford it, travel to Europe or Mexico may be an option, and in some cases affordable.  Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco are still major hot spots in Mexico, where students go to relax, unwind, read a book, talk politics and philosophy and…..ah who are we kidding, this is where they go to raise hell and blow off a lot of steam.  Cancun is still one of the top destinations for students.  Gorgeous beaches, night clubs and nightlife that goes way, way WAY late into the night.  Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Jamaica ,also draw a large portion of students, into the Caribbean.  Although, the Caribbean destinations are beginning to have a reputation as being “hospitality challenged”.  If you care to get farther away from the continental U.S., then Europe is the place.  Amsterdam, London, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Berlin and Paris are becoming more and more popular, for students on Spring Break.  And the exchange rates are not breaking students on a budget.

Inside the U.S.

The United States offers a lot of excitement during Spring Break, less travel time, easy to get to, and in many cases the vacation is a lot less expensive.  Popular destinations are Miami Beach, South Beach, and Panama City, Florida followed by South Padre Islands and Corpus Christi Texas.  The U.S. beaches offer a wide variety of water sports, fun in the sun, special events, as well as night clubs and night life.  Want a Spring Break location that doesn’t involve a beach?  Believe it or not Las Vegas (VEGAS BABY!) is actually developing into a popular location, for the student set on Spring Break.

Piano Games at Your Valentines Party

Piano games can be a great way to liven up a Valentine’s Day party and make it a memorable event.  An effective way to get started is by meeting with a piano teacher.  London trained teachers will typically have many interesting ideas for themes and games, that can make this year’s Valentines Party a blast.  It’s important to get started on planning this Valentine’s Day party, as early as possible. The Internet and local listings are great resources in finding the right person, with experience to provide you one-on-one assistance, for planning this event.  It usually helps to run some of the preliminary ideas past some of the guests early on, in order to get a good head start, in the right direction.

Doing Something New

Piano games at a Valentine’s Day party can be a fun and exciting experience for people that have never before participated in these creative musical games.  It’s easy to mix piano party games in with any type of crowd that enjoy the holiday and  like having a unique good time.  Some people like to incorporate the history of romance or the holiday in with the games and music, for this type of special party.  Piano games at the Valentine’s Day party can be lots of fun, for both children and adults as well.

Romantic and fun versions of games like musical chairs or hot potato can be extremely enjoyable to play for party goers of any age and can be easily geared toward a Valentines Day theme.

Mixing It Up With Piano Games

A piano party is a great idea for people working in the office or planning a school function.  If you are unfamiliar with piano game parties, it’s easiest to look for ideas on the internet, consult a piano instructor or hire a professional.  In many ways, the party will be only as good as the piano player in charge of running the games. Take the time to look in the local listing and find a piano instructor or professional player that has experience, with these types of events.

It’s important to ensure that the piano games you do choose match up well, with the guests that will be attending. It’s important to pick games that will keep guests engaged and keep them from getting bored at the party.  However, with  careful planning, your Valentine Piano Game Event, will be the talk of the town!

College’s Big Dance Are you Ready for the Tournament?

There are exciting times ahead as March Madness gets underway soon. The fun actually began at the beginning of the NCAA basketball season. Teams began in a virtual tie but the cream of the crop always rises to the top and the favorites in every division 1 bracket are beginning to emerge. Some are proven champions like Duke University, a perennial powerhouse team. Others are not so well-known like Gonzaga, then there are the potential Cinderella teams like the Iona Gaels or the VCU Rams who surprise everyone. Those David vs. Goliath matchups are what make the NCAA tournament so special!

Planning a viewing party

Viewing the games for all of the early rounds of the NCAA tournament is pretty easy if you have a high speed internet connection. In the past all the early rounds have been shown online on various sports related sites.  Most of the march madness 2013 info you need to subscribe to the action is available from your high speed internet provider. You can also be mobile and carry the game around on your smartphone or iPad.

Taking a trip

It’s always more fun to be involved in the action up close. The NCAA tournament has regional action leading up to the final four and the championship game. The four regional sites for this year’s tournament are Los Angeles, CA, Washington DC, Indianapolis, IN, and Arlington, TX. Or you could always seek out a different kind of action and take a trip to Las Vegas and get a little march madness betting in while you view the tournament games. If you want to follow your team all the way to the final four then you will need to make you way to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. This year the championship game takes place on April 8th. It is sure to be exciting from start to finish.

Super Bowl Party on a Dime

So your budget is low but your excitement is high for this year’s Super Bowl. That does not mean you can’t still throw an excellent Super Bowl party. With a little creativity and planning you and your friends can make it a truly super Sunday this year.  For a little extra fun during the game you may want to make up a list of funny Super Bowl props. Things like what color of Gatorade will get dumped on the winning teams coach’s head, or silly bets about the halftime show can be a lot of fun. Especially if you have some not so devoted fans present who aren’t really into the game.

Pot Luck

Rather than trying to prepare everything yourself why not share the load. First map out your game plan, have everyone prepare their best dish for the big game. Send out invitations, email is fine, and invite everyone to sign up for a dish. That way you are sure to get a variety of dishes.  Be prepared to delegate if necessary. You can’t have multitudes of chips and dips. You need a good mix of food for the big game. If you have a few friends that just can’t seem to even boil water, have them go in on beverages. Splitting the cost will make it easier on everyone’s budget.

No Penalty for Clipping

One pot meals like chili or spaghetti can go a long way when it comes to feeding a hungry crowd. Preparing your own dishes is much cheaper than buying prepared food. Making your own pizza for example can be done for less than 3 bucks a pie. Try buying a pizza for that price.

Clipping coupons may sound a little less than exciting but you really can save a ton if you are willing to clip a few of them. Traditionally many supermarkets run specials for the Super Bowl. Stack those discounts on top of the coupons for even more savings.

If you plan ahead my Super bowl prediction is that you will have a great time!