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Create The Perfect Cheerleader Outfit



I don’t want to say there’s a recipe for the perfect cheerleader… but there totally is!  The secret?  Bows that sparkle on the competition floor.  People don’t just want to watch a routine you’ve memorized and rehearsed hundreds and hundreds of times… they want to be dazzled.  Cheer leading is supposed to be entertaining.  It’s supposed to keep the energy high, when the team and fans need it most.  Your job as a cheerleader is to be a performer, and part of that performance rests on your visual appearance.  If you mess up either half of that equation, you’re just not going to get very far.


Accessories Add So Much

You can be amazing under the lights, but if you don’t look good while doing it, no one’s going to notice.  There’s way too many distractions in today’s day and age for you to give anything less than your best.  Between smart phones, being out with friends, looking for a loved one out on the field, and eating snacks, cheerleaders have to work hard, if they’re going to grab people’s attention.  That’s where the visual side to the equation comes into play.  Something as simple as a sparkling bow can help aid you in giving the best performance you’re capable of.

I’m not just trying to put people down here- I say all this from experience.  My team went from excellent cheerleaders with terrible uniforms to national champions.  We were able to turn things around, when we realized that people just didn’t have interest in watching something that wasn’t visually arresting.

Once the new uniforms came in, we noticed a difference in people’s reactions to our performances almost immediately.  The bows gave us a unified appearance that kept people staring, while we did what we did best.  These days, people come for our performance just as much as they come for the game itself!


Give The Best Performance You Can

Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to cheer leading, you need every edge you can get.  Our job is important, so why would you give anything but your best?  That applies to your appearance as well. Bring your A-game to every aspect of your performance.  Give people an amazing show; one that keeps their eyes locked on you the entire time.  One of the easiest ways to do that is with a sparkling bow on a new outfit- you’ll be perfect and unstoppable!  What are you waiting for?  Get out there and put on a showstopper!

Piano Games at Your Valentines Party

Piano games can be a great way to liven up a Valentine’s Day party and make it a memorable event.  An effective way to get started is by meeting with a piano teacher.  London trained teachers will typically have many interesting ideas for themes and games, that can make this year’s Valentines Party a blast.  It’s important to get started on planning this Valentine’s Day party, as early as possible. The Internet and local listings are great resources in finding the right person, with experience to provide you one-on-one assistance, for planning this event.  It usually helps to run some of the preliminary ideas past some of the guests early on, in order to get a good head start, in the right direction.

Doing Something New

Piano games at a Valentine’s Day party can be a fun and exciting experience for people that have never before participated in these creative musical games.  It’s easy to mix piano party games in with any type of crowd that enjoy the holiday and  like having a unique good time.  Some people like to incorporate the history of romance or the holiday in with the games and music, for this type of special party.  Piano games at the Valentine’s Day party can be lots of fun, for both children and adults as well.

Romantic and fun versions of games like musical chairs or hot potato can be extremely enjoyable to play for party goers of any age and can be easily geared toward a Valentines Day theme.

Mixing It Up With Piano Games

A piano party is a great idea for people working in the office or planning a school function.  If you are unfamiliar with piano game parties, it’s easiest to look for ideas on the internet, consult a piano instructor or hire a professional.  In many ways, the party will be only as good as the piano player in charge of running the games. Take the time to look in the local listing and find a piano instructor or professional player that has experience, with these types of events.

It’s important to ensure that the piano games you do choose match up well, with the guests that will be attending. It’s important to pick games that will keep guests engaged and keep them from getting bored at the party.  However, with  careful planning, your Valentine Piano Game Event, will be the talk of the town!

Can You Afford the New iPhone?

So many of today’s phones have so many bells and whistles that it’s actually difficult for some individuals to figure out how to make a simple phone call! And don’t even get those same individuals started on attempting a text. You might as well be speaking in tongues when it comes to explaining the mechanics of smart phones in general to some people.

Is the New iPhone for You?

People will need to decide if the new iPhone 5 is something from which they can benefit before figuring out whether or not they’ll need to take out personal loans with which to pay for them. Some folks just want to call and text. Others not only want but need access to the internet. And then there are the apps and games. If by ‘apps’ you think we’re talking about those little before dinner snacks at the restaurant… best for you to stick with phone calls and the occasional text. No offense!

Is the iPhone Affordable?

Cell phone companies want you to buy their biggest, best phones. They are not stupid when it comes to finance either. Shop around because there is always the one company out there that is trying to beat all the other companies with special incentives. Phone trade-ins, buy one-get one, contracts, upgrades… all of these can and will come into play when new smart phone and cell service shopping. Never, ever, jump at the first offer no matter how sweet it seems if you haven’t checked around beforehand. Particularly in the case of those contracts, once you’re tied in it’s going to be a real pain to try to buy out and go with a seemingly better deal.

You’ll end up paying even more just to get out of your contract than you may have if you just toughed it out and smart shopped for your next smart phone!

The History of the Pumpkin Pie

If you thought that pumpkin pie was probably invented by the traditional, well accepted depiction of the black and white clothed, buckled shoe wearing, bonneted pilgrims get a load of this

First Pumpkin Seeds Trace Back to Around 6000 BCE

We’re not talking actual pumpkin pie just yet but evidence of the seeds themselves has been traced back to at least 5500 BCE or as much as 7000 BCE. Eventually pumpkin was exported from its origin (Mexico) to France and England. English cookbooks list pumpkin as a pie-filler within recipes around the 17th century. But not until the 19th century did it pop up in American culture as a Thanksgiving specialty. New England followed the pilgrim furnished pumpkin pie recipe whereas England itself decided to utilize a method of cooking sugar, spices and apples in the whole pumpkin.

Hey, This Tastes Great—Let’s Mess With It!

Ever heard this: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’? Well, fortunately, not everyone lives by that mantra. Here are just a few concoctions that have resulted from Americans’ fascination of and taste for pumpkin pie: pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin beer (mmm…beer) and ale, candy, pancakes, cheesecake, coffee and ice cream. Variations of pumpkin pie for non-pie individuals are: pumpkin tarts/custard, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, fritters, muffins, cookies, and for those health conscious people—tofu pumpkin pie. Ugh, it hurts me just to type that! As far as the traditional slice of pumpkin pie goes it can be served with good old fashion whipped cream (or—brand name warning–Cool Whip), vanilla or coffee ice cream, and a light sprinkling of either ground cinnamon or ground ginger on top of either choice.

And pumpkins aren’t strictly for dessert anymore either. Main dishes such as pumpkin lasagna, chicken-pumpkin chowder, pumpkin seed pesto or pumpkin cannelloni and side dishes like pumpkin bread, sage-pumpkin cream sauce, pumpkin butter or curried peas and pumpkin can brighten any holiday table.

Quick Breads for Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner)!

Bread is a staple food item for many families.  Those who are savvy in the kitchen often use their skills to bake delicious bread that can be served during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  There are several breads that are good for every meal.  Here are a few favorite breads to try.

Honey Whole Wheat

Honey whole wheat bread is a favorite among bread fans.  When baked, this bread tastes even better.  And it doesn’t lose the majority of its nutritious value.  You can easily bake whole wheat bread using your bread maker.  Or you can do it the old fashioned way.  If you have more time, you can knead the dough and let it rise to perfection.  This bread only requires a few basic ingredients.  You can eat it as toast in the morning for breakfast.  Then you can use it for sandwiches and side during lunch and dinner.  It will please even the toughest critics.


Going into fall, zucchini bread is a great option.  This quick bread has a sweetness to it that is perfect for fall.  During the morning, this bread is as delicious and filling as any muffin.  Plus it is often healthier for you.  Many people enjoy their bread with some fruits in the morning.  It’s a great way to start the day.  And you can always eat more bread when you need a snack or something sweet.  Try it today and enjoy this unique bread.

Banana Bread

Finally, put your overripe bananas to use.  Make bread with them.  Banana bread is a delicious snack that works well for many meals.  It’s also a great way to start the day.  It’s filling and fruity at the same time.  Banana bread is easy to make.  You just need a bread maker and some bananas that you can mash up.  There are several fast banana bread recipes that taste great as well.

When it comes to bread, simple, easy recipes are always the way to go.  Find one today and bake these popular bread items for your family.  Don’t be surprised if you eat them at every meal of the day.

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