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College’s Big Dance Are you Ready for the Tournament?

There are exciting times ahead as March Madness gets underway soon. The fun actually began at the beginning of the NCAA basketball season. Teams began in a virtual tie but the cream of the crop always rises to the top and the favorites in every division 1 bracket are beginning to emerge. Some are proven champions like Duke University, a perennial powerhouse team. Others are not so well-known like Gonzaga, then there are the potential Cinderella teams like the Iona Gaels or the VCU Rams who surprise everyone. Those David vs. Goliath matchups are what make the NCAA tournament so special!

Planning a viewing party

Viewing the games for all of the early rounds of the NCAA tournament is pretty easy if you have a high speed internet connection. In the past all the early rounds have been shown online on various sports related sites.  Most of the march madness 2013 info you need to subscribe to the action is available from your high speed internet provider. You can also be mobile and carry the game around on your smartphone or iPad.

Taking a trip

It’s always more fun to be involved in the action up close. The NCAA tournament has regional action leading up to the final four and the championship game. The four regional sites for this year’s tournament are Los Angeles, CA, Washington DC, Indianapolis, IN, and Arlington, TX. Or you could always seek out a different kind of action and take a trip to Las Vegas and get a little march madness betting in while you view the tournament games. If you want to follow your team all the way to the final four then you will need to make you way to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. This year the championship game takes place on April 8th. It is sure to be exciting from start to finish.

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