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Great College Spring Break Destinations That Don’t Break the Bank

Key words will often conjure up instant images.  If someone says Vegas (VEGAS BABY!) – gambling, nightlife, showgirls in skimpy outfits, lights, 24-7 fun and excitement.  When Sturgis is mentioned – motorcycles, the rumble of nearly half a million pipes, in the Black Hills, concerts, women in skimpy leather outfits, a week long biker party.  And when someone mentions Spring Break, it’s beaches, margaritas, night clubs, and women in skimpy bikini’s.  To student’s the location of Spring Break is just as important, as the location of a major bike rally to biker.  There are no major parties, night clubs, excitement, or women in skimpy bikini’s, in downtown Greeley, Colorado, during Spring Break or you quiet, sleepy little town, for that matter.  Why?  Because when you think Spring Break, there has to be fun, excitement and a beach.  So, grab your Megabus Coupons…and let’s go for a ride, for a Spring Break destination!

Outside the U.S.

Spring Break outside the United States has some of the hottest entertainment around.  But the farther you get from U.S. Borders, the more costly the travel (duh).  But for those students who can afford it, travel to Europe or Mexico may be an option, and in some cases affordable.  Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco are still major hot spots in Mexico, where students go to relax, unwind, read a book, talk politics and philosophy and…..ah who are we kidding, this is where they go to raise hell and blow off a lot of steam.  Cancun is still one of the top destinations for students.  Gorgeous beaches, night clubs and nightlife that goes way, way WAY late into the night.  Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Jamaica ,also draw a large portion of students, into the Caribbean.  Although, the Caribbean destinations are beginning to have a reputation as being “hospitality challenged”.  If you care to get farther away from the continental U.S., then Europe is the place.  Amsterdam, London, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Berlin and Paris are becoming more and more popular, for students on Spring Break.  And the exchange rates are not breaking students on a budget.

Inside the U.S.

The United States offers a lot of excitement during Spring Break, less travel time, easy to get to, and in many cases the vacation is a lot less expensive.  Popular destinations are Miami Beach, South Beach, and Panama City, Florida followed by South Padre Islands and Corpus Christi Texas.  The U.S. beaches offer a wide variety of water sports, fun in the sun, special events, as well as night clubs and night life.  Want a Spring Break location that doesn’t involve a beach?  Believe it or not Las Vegas (VEGAS BABY!) is actually developing into a popular location, for the student set on Spring Break.

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