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Living Off Campus

After having lived in a college dormitory for two or more years, students make the decision to move into their own or a shared apartment off campus. Prospective apartment dwellers should arm themselves with information that will help them avoid pitfalls and drawbacks. There are many potential traps that need to be navigated around. Be sure to do your research and make an intelligent decision on which Boca Raton Apartments will fit your needs. Don’t make a decision based on just wanting to live off campus to avoid the rules and regulations of dorm life.

Things to Do Before You Decide on Your Residence

Be sure to shop around for the right place, and if you will be sharing your living quarters make sure all roommates are in agreement with the chosen unit. Be sure to have a conversation with other students who may rent from your potential landlord and also neighbors in the area. Visit the area at various times of the day, you will want to know how noisy or quiet the neighborhood is at different times of the day.

Signing the Lease Agreement

Always read and make sure you understand the lease agreement before signing. A good line of communication with your landlord will prevent future disagreements or misunderstandings.  Some of the things you may want to check are: the policy on return of your security deposit, the landlords right to enter your unit and the timeframe for notification on intent to enter. Your privacy should not be violated. Make sure your unit is in good repair and conduct a walk-thru with the landlord prior to signing, make sure you get any discrepancies in writing. Taking before move in pictures and after move out pictures is also a good idea. Stay within your affordable price range and make sure all parties signing the lease are equally liable should someone default on the agreement. Securing rental insurance is a good idea because should you incur any loss or damage you will minimize your cost for repair or replacement.

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