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Never Strike Out at the Party Again

Just in case you’re wondering, yes there are lists upon lists of the greatest pickup lines of all time. Of course you being an expert PUA and all you’ve probably used most of them.

Just In Case There’s A Few You Haven’t Heard…

If your folks had never gotten together I would be insanely unhappy at this moment; It seems I’ve misplaced my phone number– do you think I could have yours?; Excuse me maybe you can help me—this is my first time in this area and I was wondering if you could give me directions…to your house; Can you believe some of these guys with their lame pickup lines? Which one works for you? or… I was going to buy you a rose but I didn’t want it to feel inferior to your beauty.

Then There Are Specific Lines For Specific Circumstances

If you want to show her you’ve got a corny sort of sense of humor: I was wondering if it hurt much when you fell from the heavens. Want to be suave? Tell her: don’t be surprised if they ask you to leave… When she asks why tell her—well, you tend to make all the other ladies in the room look bad. Deep? Your eyes are capable of boring clear through to a man’s soul.

Then again you could just walk up to her introduce yourself and ask her if she would like a drink.

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