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Campus Nonsense For the college student, this site will give them some simple and short explanation on how lucky they are to be given a complete education with there parents compared to other that cannot afford to go to school.

Developing Leadership Skills in College

In all walks of life leaders are the people who have a vision and are so passionate about what they believe in that they can get others to follow their direction and be on board with their vision.

As early as childhood leaders are a part of our life, from that kid on the playground who can get everyone involved in what game he wants to play to the corporate boardroom where the emergent leader can lay out a plan and motivate others to follow his proposition.

Natural Leaders

Natural leaders are born to lead and others are nurtured to their fullest potential.  Often times in a business environment someone will recognize the potential of one of the staff to lead others.  They are people who are creative, they are able to articulate their plan and are passionate and determined to achieve a task.  In an effort to encourage their employees to achieve, potential leaders are sometimes offered the opportunity to pursue a Leadership Degree online or at a local college at their company’s expense, in order to develop their leadership skills.

Leadership Qualities

If you are in a position to select a candidate for leadership training their are some qualities that  inherent in leaders that you will want to be aware of when making your selections.  First of all is the person trustworthy, in order to get people to follow they must trust your motives.  Honesty is another desirable trait, being morally ethical is a virtuous characteristic. Leaders are able to assert themselves without being overbearing or bossy and others respect their opinion.  Effective leaders also know how to listen to others ideas.  Recognizing that input from every member of the team will facilitate the effectiveness of the final plan, team members will appreciate having a voice in a decision.  Allowing everyone to participate and know that their ideas are worth listening to will instill trust in the character of the leader.  And last, but also very important to a leaders character is the ability to laugh.  Even when handling a very serious situation a leader must be able to break the tension among others with appropriate humor, a sense of togetherness comes when people are able to laugh and then move forward in a plan of action.

Moving to Attend College

Moving away to attend college is pretty simple as long as you take enough time to prepare ahead. Depending on the particular situation, sometimes saving money is the top priority. Being safe and secure in the new environment is also very important. Taking the time to inquire about multiple moving quotes is the best way to find a reliable and secure company that you can trust to move our belongings to the new location. Sometimes it’s best to try and minimize the amount of things you take from old life to your new life on campus.

Bring the Essentials

Many people choose to only bring what they can’t replace once they get to the new destination.  Selling your non-sentimental items is a great way to get a fresh start at your new spot. Doing the research on the area and life around campus will also help to prepare students for both the expected and the unexpected.

Moving with friends can make the trip easier but it’s not always feasible. Making friends at the new location before the final move can make the adjustment easier as well. It’s always important to visit campus before making the final move to your new college. Take a few trips to get a feel for campus life, your new neighborhood and the night life if possible. Spending time with your roommates before making the trip will help to make the adjustment easier as well.

Finding a job and getting all the books and school supplies you need beforehand will make the success after the move more probable as well. Take the time to move down early so you have time to get established before the next semester begins. Moving away to attend college can be very easy as long as you take the time to plan it out and prepare diligently beforehand.

Finding Education Programming

At the New York World’s Fair in 1939 television celebrated its coming out party. Post World War ll, televisions became a staple in most North American households. Noncommercial channels consisting of 242 were set aside for educational programming in 1952 by the FCC. Since then, educational programming has taken off.

The NAEB (the National Association of Educational Broadcasting)

Someone has to keep track of all the educational programming being thrown at us by cable and satellite networks. The tremendous responsibility falls to the 1963 created NAEB who joined forces with PBS and (public broadcasting system) in 1973 and now oversees the following: national and regional conferences; facilitating placement programs and personal training; the compilation of activities for fund raising and data gathering; station representation before private agencies and government; and the development and activation of brand new stations dealing with educational contents. One has to wonder whether or not, back in the day, they ever thought that educational programming would come this far. You can learn everything from how to make a soufflé to how to tear down and rebuild your house right along with the chefs and construction specialists on educational TV today. What will they think of next?

What’s Out There In The Way Of Education And Entertainment?

In addition to religious programming and programming sponsored by universities the following is a list of what just one satellite provider deems educational programming channels: Travel Channel; TLC-The Learning Channel; Science Channel; Planet Green; Pentagon Channel; National Geographic Channel; NASA TV; Investigation Discovery; The History Channel; History International; Health And Human Services TV; Home And Garden TV; Free Speech TV; Food Network; Discovery Channel; Documentary Channel; DIY (do it yourself) Network; Disney Channel; Discovery Health; Cooking Channel; Crime Investigation; Animal Planet and other assorted odds and ends. Strangely enough, some shopping networks are deemed educational (would that be how not to spend your money?).

Different pay TV services will have different lists of what they consider to be educational programming. To get the most out of your pay television educational programming checkout DISH vs competition on your favorite mobile device. See for yourself who gives you the best deal, the best programming, the best choices and all the best movies for the best value.

Living Off Campus

After having lived in a college dormitory for two or more years, students make the decision to move into their own or a shared apartment off campus. Prospective apartment dwellers should arm themselves with information that will help them avoid pitfalls and drawbacks. There are many potential traps that need to be navigated around. Be sure to do your research and make an intelligent decision on which Boca Raton Apartments will fit your needs. Don’t make a decision based on just wanting to live off campus to avoid the rules and regulations of dorm life.

Things to Do Before You Decide on Your Residence

Be sure to shop around for the right place, and if you will be sharing your living quarters make sure all roommates are in agreement with the chosen unit. Be sure to have a conversation with other students who may rent from your potential landlord and also neighbors in the area. Visit the area at various times of the day, you will want to know how noisy or quiet the neighborhood is at different times of the day.

Signing the Lease Agreement

Always read and make sure you understand the lease agreement before signing. A good line of communication with your landlord will prevent future disagreements or misunderstandings.  Some of the things you may want to check are: the policy on return of your security deposit, the landlords right to enter your unit and the timeframe for notification on intent to enter. Your privacy should not be violated. Make sure your unit is in good repair and conduct a walk-thru with the landlord prior to signing, make sure you get any discrepancies in writing. Taking before move in pictures and after move out pictures is also a good idea. Stay within your affordable price range and make sure all parties signing the lease are equally liable should someone default on the agreement. Securing rental insurance is a good idea because should you incur any loss or damage you will minimize your cost for repair or replacement.

Partying Responsibly

I’m not sure that partying and responsibility go into the same thought when partying involves alcohol. The smartest thing to do if you know you’re going to be partying excessively and alcohol will be involved is to utilize a designated driver; have enough money for a cab; or simply sleep over at the house you were partying at (provided you were actually partying at someone’s home rather than the club). Anything is in fact better than getting behind the wheel when your blood alcohol is over the DUI legal limit.

If You Are Planning The Party

The smartest thing to do if you are planning a party where alcohol will be served is to be sure you’ve got one of two things: make sure that you are supplying your guests with a safe way home and have a place where they can legally park their car overnight; or start setting up mattresses and sleeping bags because you’re going to have a whole bunch of people sleeping over tonight. And really what would be so bad about an adult pajama party? When was the last time you actually had a sleepover? What were you 15; 13? C’mon it could be fun. You could show adult movies for the people who are still awake it 3:00 AM! And as raunchy as that may seem trust me it is way better than getting behind the wheel over the limit.

Serve Lots Of Food With Your Drinks

If people are drinking at your party you should absolutely make sure that you’re serving some type of substantial foods; and you are going to have to make sure that everyone eats because you can’t trust them to do it on their own… They’re only adults after all. Keep an eye on your guests if at all possible and if someone has had too much to drink don’t let them drive; but if you can head things like that off that the pass it’s even better. If someone’s getting a little tipsy stop serving them alcohol and make sure no one else does either.

No one said having a party was going to be easy; and having a party where alcohol is served AND being responsible at the same time? Puh-leeze!

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