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Campus Nonsense For the college student, this site will give them some simple and short explanation on how lucky they are to be given a complete education with there parents compared to other that cannot afford to go to school.

Nip College Acne in the Bud

If you didn’t have an acne problem before college there could be several reasons why, now that you’re in college, you’re suddenly experiencing breakouts.

Fast Food Again Tonight? Really?

One of the answers to the question of how to get rid of acne at home (and how to get rid of acne scars) is to knock off the fast food binges. Make a meal for god sake! Stress is another biggy when it comes to acne and college. College exams stress out every college student ever born. It’s a wonder that every college student in the world doesn’t have a severe case of acne. Future lawyers and doctors going through school should be one big walking zit if all it took was stress to encourage acne breakouts.

Beer Pong Anyone?

Chug—chug—chug… A chant that was frequently heard (and obeyed) when I was in college. These days its beer pong. Unfortunately, excessive alcohol intake is yet another aggravating factor when it comes to acne (and studies as well). Take it easy on the booze kids; there’s plenty of time to become a lush once you’re out of school. And the caffeine that you’re drinking to stay awake during those long study hours… also bad for acne. Sorry.

I’m just a regular little harbinger of bad news, huh?

3 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Rate

We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. There are untold numbers of ways to lower your car insurance premiums. Let’s take a look at a few of the easiest ways out there.

Steer Clear Of The Law

Moving violations are a sure way to spike car insurance costs. Keep a clean driving record and you can enjoy the benefits; one of which is lower car insurance premiums. Being a good driver combined with being a good student equals an even better discount. Students with good grades can receive special student discounts. Don’t forget, starting and stopping at breakneck speeds are murder on gas efficiency as well. And we all know the price of gas these days.

Speaking Of Gas Prices

The more you drive the more gas you use; but did you know that the more you drive the higher your insurance probably is? Driving less can equal lower insurance premiums. Driving an old beater may cost less to insure, but if you’re buying a newer car anyways, concentrate on safety features. Cars with more safety features equal lower insurance payments.
We are of course all looking for cheap car insurance quotes. You can do your part to lower your premiums and help that quote be the lowest possible.

Get Your Favorite Celeb’s Skin Care Routine Organic Skin Care Remedies

Any celebrity skin care regime is likely available if you search long enough on the Internet. Who wouldn’t like to share skin care products with Halle Berry, actress Daniela Sea, model Greg Siebel and Rosanna Arquette?

Organic Skin Care Promoted By Makeup Artists Themselves

Makeup artists for the stars are onboard with some of the celebrities’ favorite organic skin care products. Just a few of these are as follows: RMS Beauty founder and makeup artist recommends only organic skin care to all her models; makeup artist Obi Reyes; and hair and makeup artist Alejandra Nerizagal. As a side note, many of today’s celebrities go with not only organic beauty products but beauty products that are not tested on animals in laboratories.

What Does The Camera See?

Some say the camera never lies; but makeup can. Organic skin care remedies and products used by the stars are sometimes recommended by the people who photograph them. Photographer Eden Batki recommends a line of organic skin care that many models and celebrities utilize. Joining her is photographer Jessica Lavoie photographing of celebrities’ that use organic skin care remedies.
Other celebrities that make the most of organic skin care products are Cate Blanchett, Tom Hanks, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. Now you know they’re doing something right!

Spicing Up Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time a year to show the one you love that you really care by doing something out of the ordinary. The question is what is something to do that would make your special someone be very happy.

Clothing Or Cooking

You might actually even do both. A simple gesture of getting some new lingerie and making a special dinner can be all it takes to impress your loved one during Valentine’s Day. If that is something out of the ordinary for you as a couple then that would be perfect.

Writing A Special Letter

You might even go so far as to write a special letter to your loved one expressing how you feel about them and all the time you spent with them. It will make them feel very good about themselves and about the relationship. It might even help you as a couple if you have been struggling or in a rut.

Remember Valentine’s Day is a day that should be spent with your loved one expressing how you feel about each other. The more you put into a relationship the more you will get out of them so keep that in mind.

What Happens When You DON’T Have Insurance?

There are many serious ramifications if you do not have insurance; whether we are talking about car insurance or health insurance life insurance even property insurance is very important. You cannot plan for the unexpected, so it is always best to make yourself take the time to call the insurance company get a reasonable car insurance estimate.

Stay Insured

It is also important to get an estimate for life insurance to protect the family as well. Take all the necessary steps to safeguard your long-term investments against the risks that are possible for unforeseen in the future. Not having car insurance is going to be more expensive than paying high premiums or the penalties for not having car insurance.

You Will Pay for Being Uninsured

It will be more severe if the police catch you without your insurance; there are going to be fines, penalties, you will lose your license and most likely your ability to drive for many years as well.

You may even possibly serve some jail time if you happen to be in an accident while not having car insurance. There is going to be serious financial ramifications as well as serious legal penalties to follow as well.

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