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Campus Nonsense For the college student, this site will give them some simple and short explanation on how lucky they are to be given a complete education with there parents compared to other that cannot afford to go to school.

Ink Cartridges On A College Budget


College kids are notoriously broke.  Between tuition, books, and living expenses, most college students barely have enough money to eat, much less spend money on expensive ink cartridges.  However, homework is a fact of life in college and if you are out of ink at home, you will find that you are wasting more time getting back and forth from the library to print your work than you are spending time on completing your work.  When you have the choice of printer ink or food for a week, though, you make that sacrifice.  Luckily, college students now have a choice when it comes to ink printer cartridges and rather than spend a fortune on new cartridges, why not get your old cartridge refilled?

Saving Some Cash

When it comes to saving cash, college students learn very quickly just how important this skill can be.  Those days when you are trying to decide whether that last five dollars in your packet should be used for gas or for food can really help you prioritize.  College is tough enough without the added stress of coming up with some extra cash, especially when it is for something that you don’t even think about every day, such as your ink cartridges.  With ink refills, you can get rid of a bit of the stress since refills only cost a fraction of what new cartridges can cost.


If you are a college student, you know how inconvenient it can be when your printer runs out of ink, especially if you don’t have the money for a replacement right away.  Yes, you can use the school or public library and most colleges also have a technology center with computer commons where you can print your work.  If you have an assignment due first thing in the morning, though, and you go to print it out, only to find that you are out of ink, even those places won’t necessarily be useful.  Not to mention, when you are using the school or public computers, you are bound by their schedule rather than your own.  Rather than dealing with this inconvenience, the low cost of ink refills will guarantee that you will have the chance to stock up a bit, so when you run out you can simply pop another cartridge in.

College kids really have it rough and, really, always have.  When there are tools that are essential to learning and essential to their success in college, it is important that those tools be available to them at all times.  Ink cartridges may not seem like much to you but for a college kid, that ink is almost a lifeline.  Luckily, now they can afford it.

Shopping For A Cocktail Dress On A College Budget

Tis the season to go shopping – then again, when isn’t it?  And by shopping I mean opening up your laptop and paging through endless displays of online shopping sites.  There is nothing that can’t be found on the Internet!  This kind of shopping is currently not only the best way to shop in general but it is very possible to save money and time boutique shopping online in addition to shopping for just about everything else.

Why Is Online Shopping Such A Money Saver?

Online stores want you to shop online – obviously, that goes without saying.  That’s what keeps them in business.  So they will offer the online shopper great ways of saving money in order to make it more attractive than it already is.  And it is attractive considering that you don’t have to leave the house, burn up gas, or waste valuable time running around town.

So how do you make something like that even more attractive?  Easy – make saving money as simple as possible.  The way that these online stores go about that is with coupons, coupon codes, exclusive sales available only online and more.  Some even offer free shipping as an incentive depending on how much you spend or how many articles you buy. So you can see, this is the perfect way for the struggling college student to be able to afford nice things but still save money doing it.

Tips For Picking Out That Perfect Cocktail Dress

Of course there are loads and loads of things to consider when picking out the perfect outfit but today’s outfit will consist of a cocktail dress.  Now how do you go about deciding upon what that perfect cocktail dress entails?  We’re going to break this down into a couple of areas – namely design and color:

  • A plethora of designs – your figure has everything to do with your dress.  Be honest with yourself about your figure – don’t try to stuff yourself into something that you have no business wearing.  Let the dress reflect you – your interests, your style, your personality, etc.
  • Remember that you can never go wrong with the LBD, the little black dress. Keeping it simple is sometimes your best course of action.  Whether it’s a funeral or cocktail party that dress is going to come in handy more times than you can even imagine.
  • Shades, tints and colors – certain colors of clothing go better with certain hair colors, complexions, eye  color and more.  A red or orange dress is a standout for sure – just be sure that you’re capable of pulling it off.  I didn’t say taking it off… I said pulling it off!

If you’re not sure about how clothing colors relate to complexions, eye color and hair color there are any number of tips online to help you with that kind of information.

Volunteering For A Non Profit Foundation


So what are you doing with your day-to-day?  Going to get your hair done?  Maybe going to lunch with the girls?  Possibly playing a round of golf with the guys?  When is the last time you offered your services to help someone that couldn’t pay back, have you over for a beer, or because you owed them a favor? Yes it’s true, there are people out there that could really use a favor from you even though they have no way to ever pay it back to you.   And it’s more than just people out there that need your help.

God Helps Those Who Cannot Help Themselves… And So Should You

There are paying jobs involved in charitable work.  Even nonprofit organizations have to pay some people to do some of the things that are involved in keeping these organizations afloat and in making sure that their assistance goes to the right places.  But if you are willing to volunteer your services for the nonprofit organization closest to your heart, trust me when I tell you that they will forever be indebted to you.  These businesses are not selling something that can be used in every room of the house, nor are they providing you with a service that you just never seem to find time to do.  All these people are promoting is helpfulness to those that cannot help themselves.  The planet, education, the arts, the atmosphere, animals and individuals less fortunate than ourselves are most often the beneficiaries of nonprofit organizations.  There are of course more but that’s a pretty good start.

Clearing The Way For Non Profit Foundations Everywhere

Yank Barry is known less for his historic rendition of “Louie Louie” back in the late 1960’s theses days.  So what’s he been doing?  Only getting nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!  How did that come about, you may ask.  Try this on for size… this man has been the recipient of more than 20 international and national as well as humanitarian awards that include the following: Juarez Mexico hands of love and India Humanitarian Service Award, Red Cross humanitarian award, Gusi Peace Prize for Social Services and Philanthropist of the Year at the GLA 2011 Awards.  Working with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Manny Pacquiáo (are you sensing a trend here or is it me) he has joined the ranks of world renowned philanthropists.

Now nobody is telling you that you have to go out and perform to that extent.  But surely you’ve got a couple of hours every month to spare, a couple of extra dollars every month that you don’t really need – maybe giving up that Starbucks one day out of the week.  Anything that will help the nonprofit organization of your choice in assisting the betterment of some kind of unfortunate circumstances occurring in the world in which we live today.

Purchasing Prescriptions While in College

Being a college student isn’t the easiest thing.  Every day you have to make decisions like which you need more: gas or food.  College students are notoriously broke and it isn’t always easy to afford the things that they need.  When it comes to the essentials, however, they absolutely can’t afford to skip out.  So, if you are a college student who requires medication, rather than simply doing without it, you should consider finding a less expensive way to get your prescriptions, like ordering Canada drugs online.

College is Tough

College students live tough lives and anyone who has ever been a college student can generally smell the scent of raman noodles blocks away from the source.  The college years are fun times but they definitely are tough times.  You may not know where your next dollar is coming from or how you will be able to afford your books next semester without borrowing money from your parents; you have a tough time finding a job that you can juggle along with your classes; even living in a dorm with someone can be a bit of a pain.  So, with all of that hassle, why wouldn’t you want to try to make at least one thing easier?

Making it Easy

Unlike a Walgreens pharmacy, for example, Canadian pharmacies make things as inexpensive and easy as possible.  Since health care is taken care of for the citizens of Canada, the prescription drug industry has a much harder time charging the same prices that they charge here in the States.  In fact, you can generally find a savings of at least 50% per pill!  If you have a medication that tends to be on the expensive side, these savings can be huge!  Not to mention, all you really have to do to order is show proof that you are legally able to receive the medication, so it wind up being as easy as a few clicks of your keyboard.

College kids have rough lives already, so why not make things a bit easier for them?  That is exactly what online Canadian pharmacy websites can do.  They make it easier for college students to obtain the medication that they require while giving them a fair price to do so.  For those college students who are on medications that they absolutely cannot go without, this is a perfect solution to the problem at hand.

Getting Additional Nursing Certifications Can Be Easier Online

The nursing industry truly isn’t for everyone.  The careers are stressful, the schooling that is required can be very intense, and some people just don’t have what it takes to put their personal feelings and emotions aside when it comes to patient care.  Not to mention, once you have graduated with your degree or certification, you aren’t done with your education.  In fact, if you make the decision to work in the nursing field, you have to be prepared to continue your education for as long as you want to continue in the field.

Separating Logic From Emotion

The medical field is not the easiest field and definitely not for the weak of heart.  Being in the nursing field doesn’t mean that you must be callous.  Quite the contrary!  You have to be able to connect with people on a human level while at the same time being able to separate that humanity from the problem at hand.  Yes, you should feel for your patients but you also have to realize that when it comes down to it, they are simply an issue that needs a solution, no different than a math problem.  For people who are too emotional to be logical, this can present a rather big problem, and any journey into the nursing field will likely not end well for them.

Continuing Education

The other career specific hurdle that can keep people away from this particular career field is the fact that continuing education for nurses is essential in order to keep their certifications active.  This education and the intervals in which it is required can vary from state to state and if you are unsure of what is needed in your state, you can consult your local nursing board.  These certifications have become much easier to obtain, now that the education is available online.  Whether you are first attempting to become a nurse or if you are simply trying to obtain the required continuing education, online courses can save you time and frustration by allowing you to pick your own schedule and giving you the opportunity to take the courses right from the comfort of your own home.

Nursing schools who offer courses online really are a godsend to nursing professionals.  The long hours and stressful nature of their position rarely provides them with extra time in which they can head over to their local nursing board or schooling center to receive their continued education.  Online courses allow nurses to receive the education they need whenever it is convenient for them.  This is a wonderful way to make sure that the nurses that care about their profession continue to work in their field for years to come.

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