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Campus Nonsense For the college student, this site will give them some simple and short explanation on how lucky they are to be given a complete education with there parents compared to other that cannot afford to go to school.

Find Your Engagement Ring in Atlanta

Are you and your fiancé looking for an engagement ring that adequately represents the sentiments and emotions involved in your relationship? Are you finding that, though beautiful, the rings commonly stocked in showcases just aren’t cutting it for you? What you need is something truly unique. Something that combines all the things you like about jewelry into one, exclusive piece. But, how do you go about finding something like that? You’ve searched the Internet for pictures, you’ve looked in magazines, you see TV commercials all the time for jewelry… And none of it says what you want to say.

It May Be Time to Consider Custom-Made Jewelry

Oh, wipe that terrified look off your face. Far too many people get all panicky when you mention custom jewelry, because they think they have to come up with some artsy, unique design all on their own. They don’t know the first thing about materials such as semi-precious metals and stones. And, they don’t even know what size they take or how it should be constructed. Jewelry artisans are masters at their trades. They are detailed craftsman, who have a full appreciation and understanding of precious stones and metals and how to make them work together in perfect harmony… Much the same way that you and your new spouse will be working together, in perfect harmony for many years to come.

Custom Jewelry Can Be the Perfect Show of Sentiment and Emotion

First of all, you’re going to have to find yourself talented jewelry artisan. This should not be difficult. You can use something as old-school as the Yellow Pages or you can use one of today’s search engines, be it Google, Safari, Yahoo or what have you, to locate the closest and most highly recommended jewelry artisan for your custom jewelry, engagement ring or matching wedding rings. If you don’t want your wedding bands to match precisely, you can always have each of them created with subtle differences and still have unique, exclusive jewelry that is a testament to your sentiment and your love for each other – while still maintaining a bit of individuality.

The sky’s the limit, when it comes to custom jewelry even though your budget may not be. Your jewelry artisan can help you in that area as well.

Affording Pure Fish Oil On A College Budget

People paying for college tuition and all the books and other supplies to go along with it have very little money, for anything else.  Except of course beer… There’s always money for that.  With that said, how can a college student afford to be healthy?  One of the ways that an individual can greatly increase their health and lessen their health risks is with omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil.  If this is something that appeals to you, the health benefits – not necessarily the fish oil itself, you might be wondering where to buy fish oil capsules and other supplements that offer omega-3 fatty acids.

You Can Find Anything Online These Days… Anything!

If you are not privy to a local health food store, you may consider doing a search online, with your favorite search engine, be it Google, Yahoo, Safari or something else.  There are unlimited online stores that offer health supplements, one of which being of course fish oil/omega-3 fatty acids.  In fact, online shopping is getting more and more popular every day.  One of the reasons may be that online shoppers are frequently subject to exclusive savings.  Shop online and you can use a coupon, take advantage of a specific sale, enter a coupon code… You name it.  And, it is only available when you shop online.  Some introductory offers also give the option of free shipping.  Free shipping is always nice.

Whether you are a young college student or an older college student you can’t pass up the opportunity to protect your health.  People with cancer and people that are at possible risk of cardiac issues would be well served by the appropriate daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids.  You can of course get an ample supply of these in your regular food intake for the day.  But you have to worry less about it, if you simply slam the required supplements every day.  You also don’t have to worry about an intake of mercury through extensive fish ingestion just to get those omega-3 fatty acids with supplements.

All Study and No Play…

… May make Jack a dull boy, but it also may make him more prone to weight gain.  Omega-3 fatty acids assist in weight loss, along with exercise and healthy diet.  Now a healthy diet may not be on your to do list, if you are busy with college, but it never hurts to have those fatty acids in your system regardless. Walking back and forth to class is not considered exercise either.  Take your textbooks to the park, go midnight bowling, just do anything and everything to try and get a little more exercise in your already hectic and busy schedule.

And if you’ve got it you already know that high blood pressure is not necessarily a disease of the elderly, but can also be lessened with the proper amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.

Can Cricket Earn You Extra College Money?

Are you the type of person that can call the winner of a game, before the game is played?  Do you know what your favorite player is going to do, before he does?  If so, perhaps wagering can be a nice way to provide you with a bit of extra income.  For college students, this bit of extra money may be exactly what they need to get them through the semester.  If you are a fan of cricket betting can be a fun way to turn the sport you love into something that generates cash.

Making the Decision

Gambling is definitely not for everyone.  Before you make the decision to give it a shot, make sure you do the research on the negatives of gambling.  Gambling can be an easy way to make money, but it is even easier to lose money and people have lost their homes, even their families, because of their decision to gamble.  It is not something that should be considered lightly.  Rather, take some time.  Don’t just start placing bets and hoping for the best.  If you are still thinking that this is something you want to try, there are responsible ways to go about it.

New Part-Time Job

In order to make some extra money, you will have to treat your decision to wager on the matches as a business decision, really, as a decision to start your own business.  As with any new business, you will have to have some money to invest initially, you will have to do plenty of research, and there is no guarantee that you will get a return on your investment.   You will have to work hard and make sure your numbers are correct.  You will have to decide on a budget and stick to it.  It is your business and you want it to be successful!

The best way to get started is to follow various matches and start paying attention to the players.  If you have decided to wager on cricket, you are likely already a fan and following the teams will not be a problem for you.  The 2013 IPL season is right around the corner and there’s no time like the present to start preparing your bets!  Following the latest news on sites like is a great way to stay ahead of the game so that you can place the most responsible bets.

College Means Finding Smart Ways To Save Money

So, you decided to go back to college.  Well I wish you the best.  College is a pricey endeavor these days, as you probably have already found out.  You’re going to need to save even more money than you probably were already trying to save.  Today’s economy makes that more of a challenge than ever.  Particularly for you, because you’re going to be crazy busy.

Coupons Are a Good Way to Save Money

If you already have pay TV you may have seen the extreme couponing shows that were all the rage not too long ago.  They detailed the lives of people that have taken coupon clipping and shopping for sales to a whole new level.  As crazy as the show sometimes seemed however, these tactics are undoubtedly essential for the homemaker/student, in order to save money on things they ordinarily need in the house.  Who knows, there may even be a coupon out there somewhere for school supplies.  Speaking of television shows and pay-TV however, there is now a way for you, Mr. or Ms. New College Student, to save money on that pay-TV along with your cell phone usage, landline usage, computer usage, iPad usage and more.  This next coupon is going to be something that will benefit not just you but the entire family as well: ATT Uverse coupon code Next time you have a break between studying and housework, shop online and check that out.  You will undoubtedly be pleased.

There Is Just No Time to Waste

As busy as you were and are probably going to be, who’s got time to sit around and wait for downloads on that snail speed Internet of yours?  Not you.  Not anybody really.  Oh sure you could get up and maybe clean something, while the class you need to bring up on your computer loads, but that breaks the flow of things.  If you could just sit down at your computer or your iPad and get it over with you could then relax with a movie, from the package you purchased while bundling all your resources with AT&T.

And, if you don’t have time for that movie you might as well sit the kids in front of the TV and keep them out of your hair, so you can study more.

Making Mortgage Payments While In College

How on earth anyone could ever manage to afford both college and a mortgage is a miracle in itself.  So, if you are a scholar currently enrolled in university, whether there was a major scholarship involved there, a grant, or a student loan, that is probably going to hang over your head for the next couple of decades… the last thing you need is a mortgage.

Study or Work?

… Or both?  Undeniably the mortgage won’t wait.  Or more accurately, the bank.  So there are bound to be some overlaps, between the two big questions: 1) should I call in to work tonight in order to study or 2) should I go to work and try to sneak in some study time?  The kind of job you have is bound to be a huge determining factor.  A security job, for example, may allow for ample study time.  A job that requires your constant attention however is going to be difficult to combine with studying.  And, calling in to work is going to jeopardize your job eventually and you might not even get paid, for your call in days/nights.  Ah, working and going to college… The fun never stops.

Buyer Beware

There may be a way to lighten your load a bit, on those mortgage payments however.  Check your paperwork to see, if a PPI was applied to your home loan.  If it was, and you never approved it (or even agreed to, but you were not even eligible for it) you could have some serious money coming your way. The relatively recent scandal concerning PPI’s has reached epic proportions.  Turns out the banks sold these insurance policies, without telling their borrowers about it. If there is even the slightest doubt, as to whether that applies to you, you’re going to want to check with a lawyer.  You may have been paying for something, that either a) you never would have been able to collect on, even though they knowingly sold it to you with your approval or, b) you’ve been paying for something that you didn’t even know existed.

If no PPI scan is in place however, you can always save on your college fees, by taking computer classes, if they are applicable.  A second job is certainly out of the question.  And, if you’re going to an elitist university, you may want to consider going to a smaller, less known university to save on tuition.  Every little bit helps after all.

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