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Super Bowl Party on a Dime

So your budget is low but your excitement is high for this year’s Super Bowl. That does not mean you can’t still throw an excellent Super Bowl party. With a little creativity and planning you and your friends can make it a truly super Sunday this year.  For a little extra fun during the game you may want to make up a list of funny Super Bowl props. Things like what color of Gatorade will get dumped on the winning teams coach’s head, or silly bets about the halftime show can be a lot of fun. Especially if you have some not so devoted fans present who aren’t really into the game.

Pot Luck

Rather than trying to prepare everything yourself why not share the load. First map out your game plan, have everyone prepare their best dish for the big game. Send out invitations, email is fine, and invite everyone to sign up for a dish. That way you are sure to get a variety of dishes.  Be prepared to delegate if necessary. You can’t have multitudes of chips and dips. You need a good mix of food for the big game. If you have a few friends that just can’t seem to even boil water, have them go in on beverages. Splitting the cost will make it easier on everyone’s budget.

No Penalty for Clipping

One pot meals like chili or spaghetti can go a long way when it comes to feeding a hungry crowd. Preparing your own dishes is much cheaper than buying prepared food. Making your own pizza for example can be done for less than 3 bucks a pie. Try buying a pizza for that price.

Clipping coupons may sound a little less than exciting but you really can save a ton if you are willing to clip a few of them. Traditionally many supermarkets run specials for the Super Bowl. Stack those discounts on top of the coupons for even more savings.

If you plan ahead my Super bowl prediction is that you will have a great time!

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